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Navarattan akbari

Nine, fresh vegetables cooked in a creamy, yummy gravy.

Onion kulcha

Naan stuffed with finely chopped, spied onion.

Palak paneer

A classic combination of cottage cheese and spinach with freshly ground spices. A well liked North Indian delicacy.

Paneer chatpata masala

A tangy dish of paneer cooked in a mix of spices to make a spicy dish.

Paneer makhni

Fresh cubes of cottage cheese simmered in a rich tomato based gravy.

Paneer pakora

Home made cottage cheese dipped in flour and spices, deep fried.

Prawn Jhalfrazi

Tiger prawns cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicum.

Pudina paratha

Wholewheat flaky bread with freh mint.