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Gajar ka halwa

Pudding of grated carrot, ghee, sugar and spices.

Ginger Ale

A carbonated beverage made with sour & cit-rusy ginger extract.

Goan ghost vindaloo

Boneless lamb is cooked with potatoes and a touch of red wine.

Gobi manchurian

A special dish from Indo-Chienese try and tell us!!!

Green salad

Fresh green salad sliced onions, tomatoes & cucumbers sprinkled with chat masala.

Gulab jamun

Fried milk dumplings soaked in sugar syrup, with pistachio and green cardamom.

Hyderabadi biriyani

Marinated lamb, basmati, spices, herbs and saffron. Quite a lucknowi affair.

Iced Lemon Tea

A summer favourite, refreshing & full of cit-rusy flavour.