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A refreshing drink made from mint, cumin and other spices.

Jeera aloo haradhaniya

Diced potatoes tempered with cumin, other aromatic spies and fresh coriander leaves.

Jheenga biriyani

Succulent prawns done to perfection. The recipe is closely guarded by our chef!

Kachumber salads

A refreshing relish of diced onion, cucumber, tomato and coriander with a lemon dressing.

Kadhai Chicken

It is a North Indian dish noted for it's spicy taste and usage of capsicum.

Kadhai khumb

Mushrooms, bell pepers ground spices and herbs. A medley that adds up to an excellent dish for mushroom lovers.

Kadhai paneer

Home made cottage cheese with onion and capsicum in a special kadai gravy.

Kashmiri pulao

A special dish from Kashmir. Basmati is made even more lovely with dry fruits and nuts.