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Pudina paratha

Wholewheat flaky bread with freh mint.

Raan e Dum Kinara

Leg of lamb marinated with aromatic herbs and oriental spices, cooked with unhurried precision in a pan lowered into the tandoor. A kinara specialty and signature dish.

Reshmi paneer tikka

Cottage cheese, onions and bell pepers marinated with the whole ground spices. Goes in the tandoor to give it an edge.

Roti basket

Tandoori roti, Missi roti, Lachha paratha, pudina paratha.

Saag ghost

A light lamb dish with spinach and tomatoes. Tempered with spices.

Salmon fish tikka

Chunks of salmon fish marinated with Indian spices and roasted in tandoor.

Singapoori raitha

Diced pineapple soaked in yoghurt, quite a dish.