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Chicken Curry

Economical and tasty, it gives you a taste of simple Punjabi cooking.

Dal kinara

Fine different dals are blended together to make kirana's special dal.

Dal makhni

Black lentils are simmered overnight over the tandoor to create an excellent unique taste.


A parsi dish. Mutton is cooked with lentils and vegetables. Pairs beautifully with an Indian beer.

Fish tikka masala

Boneless fish cooked in tandoor and cooked with Indian masala.

Goan ghost vindaloo

Boneless lamb is cooked with potatoes and a touch of red wine.

Kashmiri Roganjosh

Succulent lamb is cooked with red Kashmiri chillies in combination with fourteen other spices. Wow.

Kerala jheenga malabari

Prawns are simmered in a tamarind and coconut milk based gravy. Very typical of Kerala.