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A parsi dish. Mutton is cooked with lentils and vegetables. Pairs beautifully with an Indian beer.

Goan ghost vindaloo

Boneless lamb is cooked with potatoes and a touch of red wine.

Kashmiri Roganjosh

Succulent lamb is cooked with red Kashmiri chillies in combination with fourteen other spices. Wow.

Laal maas rajasthani

Laal means read and this is a Rajasthan's favourite way to dining on lamb... with enough spices to make you see red!

Raan e Dum Kinara

Leg of lamb marinated with aromatic herbs and oriental spices, cooked with unhurried precision in a pan lowered into the tandoor. A kinara specialty and signature dish.

Saag ghost

A light lamb dish with spinach and tomatoes. Tempered with spices.